Public relations, today, is no longer just about pushing a product. Your brand needs a voice to be able to create a purpose, a community and culture that your consumers can share and proudly be a part of.

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Your story is your strategy

Businesses that don’t have a clearly articulated story don’t have a clear and well thought-out strategy. To all clients we pose this – if your business was an epic novel, why should readers keep turning those pages? What grand themes and missions drive each chapter ahead? Sure, having a great product is important but with an impactful story that drives action for people investing in your brand…well let’s just say now everybody wants to come back for more.

How do we achieve this for you? 

Wen work with you in articulating the answer to the ‘why’s’, and build a compelling and engaging story around it. Our tailormade PR solutions focus on making lasting impact to ultimately help your business stand out above the noise, build clear brand identities and narratives, and create authentic connections with your target audience.

We do pretty cool stuff.

We build buzz. We mean business.

Public Relations + Communications

With storytelling as our core, we help brands build reputation, drive business and create social change. This begins with page-turning strategy services and communication plans to tell stories in the right places, at the right times. We provide a tailored approach and counsel to strategic messaging, thought leadership, employee and crisis communications to support internal and external brand reputation.

Brand + Marketing

At the heart of our ability to create independent PR initiatives, we also build on brands’ marketing strategies to deliver smarter, integrated and more impactful holistic campaigns. Whether you’re a new or existing brand, we build brand narratives, connect to specific audiences and weave your objectives into the work we produce online and offline. 

Content + Social Media

We create content that converts, engages and builds loyalty, all in support of your brand’s long-term marketing strategy, while addressing your immediate sales and ROI needs. In support of your content, we also create exceptional social media identities that build lasting results. We help you gain a strong competitive advantage for your social media marketing efforts by embracing paid media, owned media, and earned media. All that just so you never have to worry about having the time, attention or resources to ensure you are not missing out.

Small agency.

Big energy.

Size doesn't matter

The traditional, big-box agencies cannot offer the same value that our boutique agency offers: individual attention from our entire team, the ability to move quickly, and constant availability. Every engagement receives an individualised approach to best serve your brand and business needs. We really do pack a punch.

We're just better

We house some of the region’s best talent. Backed by decades of experience, our team is made of strategic thinkers, seasoned PR veterans, social media masters and skilled designers. Driven by a burning desire to deliver incredible results on every engagement, our team is trained in the principles of creativity, entrepreneurship, analytics, strategy and sass.

Passion by the bucketload

From launching shoestring startups, to breathing new life into established brands, or large scale concepts and productions, we approach each brand or business as if it were our own. And we have fun, every single time. That’s how much we love what we do. 

“The perfect pitch doesn’t ex…”

99 problems, but a pitch ain’t one.

In referrals, we trust

We’re incredibly lucky that most of our clients come to us through referrals. But that’s not to say that we never get invited to or even involved in competitive pitches for work. Like most PR agencies, we get our share of Requests for Proposals (RFPs) from businesses looking for their next agency partner. Some of these RFP’s are clear, concise and informative, and establish the broader process that a PR agency RFP is only the start of.

Pitch, please

Unfortunately, we’ve also seen some rather dreadful ones that leave us running for the hills. Often, the main reason for a poor PR agency RFP is that the sender isn’t aware what an RFP is to begin with, and therefore misses out the essential information an RFP should include. This usually comes in the form of a long email about why their brand/product is important, but not a clue as to what we as an agency is expected to do or why.

You're welcome

This may be obvious but sending out a good PR agency RFP is essential as it ensures everyone involved in the process is on the same page, with expectations clearly set. For businesses managing the RFP process, this is incredibly important. It gives the shortlisted PR agencies the best chance of showing their top ideas and aligning their thinking to the business challenges to be solved. For the agencies, a decent RFP saves a tremendous amount of time and effort and lets us quickly define whether we’re the right team for the job. So in the spirit of knowledge-sharing, we’ve written a blog post that includes handy RFP writing tips to save us all some grief. 

Let’s get weird.

Slide into our DMs.

Not sure what your business needs to make a splash in the market? We may just be the thing you need. We have years of experience managing powerful campaigns that make the right kind of difference. So if you want your business or brand to take off with a bang, send us a message and buckle up!

We are a full-service public relations agency headquartered in Singapore, with teams in Thailand, Hong Kong and the UAE, serving clients worldwide.

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